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bill: good morning. 9:00 on the east coast. there were brand-new reports raising serious concerns about tour national security. they both show gaping holes when it comes to keeping america safe. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom." alisyn: i'm alisyn camerata. we start with homeland security documents that we had show we had 25,000 security breaches at our airports since 2001. that's 7 incidents per day. that includes 14,000 people walking into unauthorized areas with apparently nothing stopping
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them. bill: officials from the tsa will testify about all of this in moments. the head of the committee says for all the type, money and were is tense we have thrown at airport security, it's a real mess. what does the tsa say about this? >> reporter: a tsa spokesman says breach is a broad term that doesn't always spell out danger. they went so far as to stay we have taken extensive steps to increase the safety of the public. saying airports are safer than ever before. they have had an average of 7 breaches a day. that's up 25,000 in a decade. these holes will be highlighted in a hearing today. 6,000 people improperly screened. 2,616 people gaining access to sterile areas.
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the t, a points out again at these 25,000 breaches represent a fraction of one percent of all flyers at u.s. airports. bill: they say the security issues aren't just here, but around the world. >> reporter: right. from the government accountability airport. they say pakistan, thailand, kenya, they aren't good at sharing information. even when they have terrorist screening information they may not hav bill: they only have to be right once. peter doocy there.
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that hearing starts in 25 minutes. we'll monitor it, bring you updates won that starts. if you are near a computer you can watch it streaming live at click on theling next to the home page. we try and make it easy for you. all the analysts we talk to, they only have to be trite once. we have to be right every single time. alisyn: the top republican in the house calling president obama out for what he called making a veiled threat. the president said he cannot guarantee the social security checks will go out august 3 if there is no deal to raise the debt ceiling by august 2. >> we don't want this to happen. we don't want stoag security recipients to wait a day any longer for their checks. but it really stroiks the
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importance of what it is we are doing. we made promises to ourselves and kids and grandkids can't afford. i said all year, i think this is the moment and this is the opportunity for us as americans to tackle our long-term fiscal issues. alisyn: stu vrny joins us now. by law must the president send out social security checks august 3 or not. >> reporter: by law social security recipients must receive their checks. but when they receive their checks is not written in stone. so after august 2 when the money runs out, you do have some money coming into the treasury. but it's the president. the administration decides where that money goes when it's paid out. theoretically the president does have the power to with hold social security checks for now.
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he has the right, ability and discretion to say you do not get your checks, you do. it is the president's discretion. he establishes the pecking order. ultimately social security recipients must get their checks. but when they get them and in what order they get them, that's not written in stone. alisyn: senator mitch mcconnell wants a vote to give the president authority to raise the debt ceiling but not approval to do so. what does this mean? >> reporter: there is a standoff between the two sides. senator mcconnell comes out with a way around that standoff. this plan would give the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling. that is, borrow some more money. but to do that he would have to present to congress a list of the spending cuts which he would put in place.
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that means there would be no default -- you get the default -- that gets off the table -- but the president would then be responsible for all spending decisions, spending cuts and spending increases. that puts that around his neck, so to speak and takes the political problem away from the republicans and puts it on the president. >> some conservatives are saying mitch mcconnell's proposal is spineless because it kicks the can further down the road. >> reporter: it's spineless, say the conservatives, because it would in some circumstances allow the president to borrow more money and raise the debt ceiling without making any spending cuts at all. that's the problem the conservatives have here. alisyn: we shall she what happens today. will washington reach a debt deal before august 2? that deadline.
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log on to's newsroom and vote and we'll bring you updates throughout the show. >> simply yes or no, right? alisyn: simply yes or no, but it's a complicated issue. >> are we getting closer to welcoming america's 51st state? a plan to split up california in two. representatives officially endorsing that idea with one big catch. no public funding can be spent on the movement. the new state would be made up of 13 counties. but there is a catch called the u.s. constitution. there can be no new states without consent from congress and the state legislature. they are billions in the hole in california. alisyn: democrats finding off a republican challenge to hold off a congressional seat in california. democrat janice kahn defeating
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businessman huey. hahn winning by 10 points in a district where the democrats have a 10-point edge. it shows a sizable number of people breaking with the democratic party there. in a moment she'll walk free in only four days. but she may cease to be called casey anthony. why one of the most famous faces in the country may get the witness protection treatment when she leaves jail. alisyn: chaos in the courtroom. police draw their weapons to restore order here. bill: there is one person surging and that person is not
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even a candidate. karl rove on the 2012 field and whether we may see the big change in all of that. ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care abt and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit
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alisyn: this is a convicted murderer getting a taste of vigilante justice from the friends of his victim. you can see them unleashing flurry of kicks and punches on the man who killed their teenaged friend in 2008. court officials calling for backup to stop this assault. >> they were down on the ground and tased and the whole thing was over with in 18 seconds. alisyn: the defendant was convicted of the murder but attackers are facing assault charges. bill: it could be a new
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development. a new quinnipiac poll showing mitt romney holding his lead. but tea party favorite michele bachmann snagging number 2 at 14%. double her support. two undeclairds. sarah palin at 12% and the texas governor rick perry at 10%. perry's 10% share surprising many when you consider he's not an official candidate, at least not yet. karl rove, senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president bush. i want to bring down the white board and introduce it back to america. >> what's interesting in the change in the polls. perry was not in the last poll 7 weeks ago. he enters the contest at 10. one of 20 americans is a texan.
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he comes from a wig state with a big base. bachmann moves up 4 in this poll compared to where she was four weeks ago. this comes from palin who lost 3 points, dropped behind bachmann. santorum lost 3, herman cain lost 3, tim pawlenty lost 2. undecided dropped 2. so this is -- they got it from everywhere. they got it from all the lesser lights that had their moment in the sun. bill: is it just press coverage or is it more than that? is it the message? >> reporter: the message is press coverage. so the question is how durable this is going to be. each one of these candidates is out some time, herman cain moved up in the polls and got a certain notoriety in the debates and moved back in the polls.
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bill: if you put mitt romney head-to-head with barack obama today he stilled holds an edge over romney by 6 points, which is where i think he was a month ago. that has not changed. does that surprise you? >> reporter: whenever you have an incumbent president of the united states who is so widely and well known below 50% is a danger signal. romney being this close at this point is good news for romney and bad news for obama. he's stuck at 50% against other candidates that are less well known than he is. you need to win with 50% plus one of the votes. if you are stuck at 50% as an incumbent against people whom the country does not know at all or know as well as you, that's just a bad place to be.
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bill: they asked the question whether you deserve to be reelected. 47% -- 47-47. i think that probably reflects the electorate today. and i think that probably traces back 12 years, even the year 2000 where you have got a split country. do you see it that way? >> this is among registered voters. similar questions among likely voters president obama is behind on this measure. this is a good number compared to other numbers he has had in other polls. this is probably due in part that it's registered voters and not likely voters.
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bill: let me move to fundraising if i could. >> let's not gloss over it. there is a durability in this quinnipiac poll. 7 weeks ago was at 25%. today he's at 25%. he maintained his lead despite all the maneuvering and moving that's happening beneath him. bill: he seems to be a quiet candidate right now. goes along, doesn't make many mistakes and sticks to his game plan. now when it comes to money, you need it to win. the first quarter boik raised $86 million which blue away the previous market $50 million set by your former boss president bush. rnc says it's obvious dismight his claims he's focusing on jobs. it's clear's save hug own.
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-- he's saving his own. >> it comes with a price he has done 30-some odd fundraisers. at this point in two bush attended maybe 4. having been inside the white house, the amount of time devoted to fundraising has been enormous in this white house and you cannot sustain it. he's got a day job and that's being president of the united states. i don't think the president will be able to keep up this fundraising events. there aren't that many places you can go and hold a million dollar fundraiser. bill: go to our
9:19 am web site and click on the bya box and leave a question for karl or alisyn or whomever you want. alisyn: we'll carve out some time to answer all the questions. are you having a hard time figuring out the fees on your phone bill? these mystery fees cost consumers billions of dollars a year. bill: a heat wave smothering the country. 150 million people across a dozen states under heat warnings today. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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bill: 10 miles of the 4 oh 5 freeway in california will be closed. the largest planned highway close newer the city's history. officials hoping their efforts to inform drivers about the mass disruption will tamp down the outrage. they posted reminders all over the free way signs and even asked celebrities in hollywood
9:24 am
to get involved. there is a dangerous heat wave over much of the country. in tennessee it's expected to feel like 115 degree. some towns in texas are giving away free air-conditioners and fans. scorched residents are doing everything they can to stay cool. >> 6:00 p.m. may be the worst time of the day to be outdoors. >> you just drink water. it's the middle part of july. heat, you can expect that. just live with it. >> to me it's not that bad. maybe i'm crazy. you find the streets with a lot of shaded areas. alisyn: what does it look like out there, janice? >> reporter: it's still hot. i think free ice cream for the country would do it. let's look at the heat advisories. not as bad as yesterday.
9:25 am
it's a good news-bad news scenario. a lot of the country will see relief. but heading into the weekend, affecting the midwest down to the gulf coast. heat indices where you see the yellows and ma roons means the heat and humidity combined oppressive outside. the tennessee valley and the mississippi valley feels like 91 in little rock. 87 in jackson. it's really tough out there and people are urged to check on your neighbors, the elderly and make sure your kiddies are inside with the air-conditioned is nice and cool. the sun shines on the ground and it just is hot continuously across the south and the gulf coast. you see the areas in maroon, exceptional drought.
9:26 am
the highest on the drought monitor. that's not helping matters either. bill: i like the idea about ice cream. i would take orange sherbert. you would take lime sherbert. alisyn: chocolate is my favori favorite. bill: she is about to be a free woman. but casey anthony lied about where caylee was for a month while mountains of money and man power were spent on the search for that little girl. what some of the searchers and volunteers are saying now. >> it wasn't fair to anybody that was involved and it wasn't fair to the families that really needed us.
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bill: some breaking news in the business world. our parent company news corporation is withdrawing its bid to acquire more of b sky b which is a satellite television providers in the u.k. and ireland. news corp has been racked by scandal. there was strong consideration given the possibility news corp would have to withdraw its bid for more share, more stake in
9:31 am
intrks sky b. news corp, the parent company of the fox news channel owns 39%. they were trying up their shares to 61%. that bid will drop and stay at 39%. they will cease trying to acquire more of b sky b. the deputy chairman and chief operating officer that news corporation said in part it's clear it's too difficult to progress in this climate. news corp remains a long-time share holder in b sky b. a little closer to home, a major investigation into hidden telephone fees that reveal a national problem with the largest fiend companies profiting off a practice that may be cost you money.
9:32 am
what's happening in the senate today? >> we expect consumer advocates to testify about the illegal charges on your phone bill. a procedure known as cramming. the senate commerce committee conducted a year-long probe of the problem and found among other things telephone companies place approximately 300 million third party charges on their customers' bills every year which amount to $2 billion in third-party charges. a large percentage of these charges with unauthorized cramming charges. more than a half million companies have contacted qwest, verizon and at&t to complain. the charges you don't authorize on your land line only are the subject of today's hearing. we have a statement from verizon. they have say we take cramming
9:33 am
very seriously and revoked the billing privileges of 20 third-party service providers per year for cramming reef hated reasons. they are cracking down. verizon said they would oppose a blanket ban and all third-party charge. some customers find this billing practice to be convenient. the fcc also cracking down on phone bill cramming. they should propose new rules requiring phone companies to separate all the third party charges into a separate column on your bill and make sure consumers are notified when they show up. alisyn: investigators in the casey anthony case are speak out after the controversial not guilty verdict. the lead detectives say they have know their evidence was strong. >> i can tell you obviously i'm
9:34 am
unhappy that it was a different verdict. i felt strongly in the case and i still do. but as far as bringing closure to people. people have to understand this is our judicious system. >> i believe in the forensics. you go out to any crime scene and people can tell stories as to what happened. i belief the forensics doesn't lie. the forensics is facts. alisyn: rod wheeler is a fox news contributor. this was a week after the not guilty verdict. is this unusual for detectives and investigators to come out and speak? >> any time you have a high-profile case such as this one, i think the police department had to do its due diligence to bring to closure, even for the police depth and the officers involved by giving some of what a debriefing if you will. an end to the story in terms of the case overall. i don't think it was highly
9:35 am
unusual. i think the police should have done what they did in terms of that press. alisyn: another person speak out is the man who started equusearch. they spent untold manpower and money and emotions looking for this little girl. you are about to hear from the man who started he question search about how casey lied to him and how this became personal for him. his own daughter laura was murdered 30 years ago. >> she hugged us and i kissed her on the cheek and she said i'm so sorry for what you are going through. i know she is alive out there so please bring her back. we did stuff with the drone airplanes. we used sonar equipment and searched about every square inch. i would never leave a family alone if there is anything i can do to help. i let down god and i let down
9:36 am
laura, and we were misled. alisyn: this man feeled duped by casey. do you think this not guilty verdict has a chilling effect on the amount of volunteers in the future who will come and help in a case like this? >> i do not believe it will. i think people recognize casey an thony for who she was and who she is during this investigation. my heart goes out to tim miller and equusearch. it's a non-profit organization. they operate based off charitable donations. they spent over $115,000 in this investigation. and they never charged the anthony family or the police department. there was a lot lost in this case. alisyn: they did lose money and just last night equusearch filed a lawsuit against casey anthony to try t try to recoup that mon.
9:37 am
>> she'll make money off this case. however, she should be responsible for lying to the authorities, to organizations such as equusearch in addition to that. equusearch turned down 15 requests from other people in this country who had missing loved ones because they donated so many of their resources to this case that was ultimately a fraud. >> out of the goodness of their hearts they have did this for her and she hugged them and kissed them and said please try to find my daughter. we shall see if they are able to get back at least that $100,000 they invested. thank you so much for coming in. bill: they have been trading on wall street for all of 7 minutes. the market is up 71 points at
9:38 am
the open. investors reacting on an encouraging report on china's economic growth that's growing. ben bernanke will try to impart his opinion on raising the debt ceiling. the dow saw three state days of losses. so far so good for the bulls. alisyn: president obama announcing a massive haul of cash for his reelection campaign. was nip of that campaigning done from inside the white house? that's leading a house republican to want to investigate and find out. the new investigation facing the administration now. bill: high-level talks on the debt crisis. could the fight open a door to boosting the economy? >> we watched this jobless under this president and his
9:39 am
administration continue to rise. this is a unique opportunity for us to correct the problem. bill: that is house majority whip kevin mccarthy. he's live on the hill right after this. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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alisyn: opening statements in the trial of the rockets, roger clemmons. a jury hearing evidence against the former major leaguer accused of lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs. the feds charging four people of trying to get into the country illegally as their boat overturns off the california coast. a somber tribute to the late betty ford. first ladies past and president joining for an emotional memorial to the woman remembered
9:43 am
as a force of nature. bill: could it be the answer to the debt crisis? senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is going public with a possible last-ditch option to solve the debt issue. it would allow the president to keep borrowing money through the even of 2012. here is the house speaker john boehner in an exclusive interview, his reaction to the proposal on special report with bret baier. >> i think mitch has done good work. we have a problem. a current spending problem and a debt problem. i believe that -- and i think mr. cantor, my majority leader, i do believe that mitch mcconnell stan jon kyl all -- and jon kyl all spends the same view making sure there are no tax increases on the table. bill: good morning to you.
9:44 am
do you like this mcconnell idea if your backs are against the wall notice end and you had to put something out there as a last-ditch option, would this be it? >> the first part i looked at, i haven't been able to read all the way through it, i don't like relinquishing our power to raise the debt for the president. we have a responsibility as members of congress to bring the accountability back to this country. i wouldn't want to relinquish it seeing what this president has done for job growth. just 18,000. canada has a smaller population than california grew more jobs than this president's administration. bill: if that's off the table, i think what mcconll was trying to do is force the white house to identify where the -- they wd cut to be specific about it.
9:45 am
if that was something congress to chew on or more importantly the american people. >> i understand why mcconnell is doing it from the standpoint this president will not lay out a plan. the congressional budget office -- the president has never laid out a plan to get out of this debt problem. he says he's for entitlement reform. he cannot tell you one thing he has done. that's what's wrong with washington. the budget gimmicks. accounting tricks. we have to stop. next week we'll votes on a balanced budget amendment. in 16 years ago we were one vote safe way from having a balanced budget amendment. next wednesday we'll have that vote in the house. that would lay a framework to get out of this problem in the long term while we are able to attack spending right now with the debt limit as well. so i understand why mcconnell is
9:46 am
doing what he's doing. bill: do you have enough votes in the house? i assume you do. when it goes to the senate and you force the president's hand to seen it or veto it. then you have got 2/3 ratification from the states. an amendment to the constitution is no small order here. >> it's not easy and there is no guarantee we'll have in the house. this administration likes to spend and live under what they bring in. it's an uphill bat. about it many worth the fight. this country is fighting for. we are at a threshold that we haven't seen in a couple generations. are we willing to do the tough so the opportunities will be here for the next generation. maybe we don't have the votes but i belief the american people believe in it. why do 49 states either have a balanced budget or some type of statute that they have 0 live under that but the federal government does not. we need some ability
9:47 am
supervision. bill: the american people are with you. the most recent polling we did, 70% of those we asked are in favor of it. on the tax issue, can you say for certain that in the house based on the republican votes there, there will be no new taxes out of this debt ceiling deal when there is a deal finally? >> there will be month new taxes. why would you tax in an economy where we are. small business. 70%. all jobs are created through a small business. 18,000 jobs were created last month. the president went out and got 550,000 new donors. more people lost their jobs. that is unacceptable. we need to focus on job creation. if you are going to raise taxes on those getting jobs -- in the last growth of america small business created 7 million while
9:48 am
big companies cut 1 million. we need to focus on small business. that's a big difference between the republicans and the democrats. bill: how does this end, by the way. there are 10 to 20 to 30 different options you can see on the table as a possibility. >> i'm hopeful this administration sees the right path. this is not a revenue problem. it's a spending problem. this is an opportunity for america to right the ship. to cut back on the spending, to put a balanced budget so we are not here 5, 6 years from now. and we get america back on the right track. bill: there was drama involved in this. we don't know how this is going turn out. we'll be in contact in the coming days. fair and balanced next hour. we have the vice chair of the house democratic caucus. we'll put the same issue to him in the next hour of america's
9:49 am
newsroom. alisyn: this week they found a taser onboard a flight to new jersey. we are finding out this is just the tim of the iceberg. we have a former deputy director of the tsa here to answer those questions. bill: you a national league or american league fan, right? alisyn: you are talking about sports, right? which one should i choose. which one has the better uniforms. bill: based on last night's win on the national, you go national. the national league gets home field snrangt world series this fall because they were winners last night. can cost you some m. that's why you should consider an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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bill: breaking news by way of mumbai, india, formerly bombay. two explosions heard a short time ago. this is the town that was racked by the terrorist attack a few years back when the taj mahal hotel was attacked by terrorists that were later traced to pakistan. so many killed that day inside that hotel. two loud explosions moment ago in mumbai. we are looking for information on where this happened if there are any villag -- if there are . alisyn: news corp, the parent company of fox news has withdrawn its bid to take over the u.k.'s largest pay tv broadcasters. amy kellogg is live in london.
9:54 am
what many the latest, amy? >> news corp has dropped its bid to buy the remaining shares. that doesn't mean news corp won't revisit the plan down the road. news corp issuing a statement saying it believes the aquestion sick by news corporation would have been beneficial to both companies. but it's becoming clear in the current climate it's too difficult to pursue this deal. now, this morning there was a lively debate in the parliament about this. the parliament was expected to take a vote later this evening. and it was anticipated that the british government would request that news corp's profits for b sky b, that plan not going ahead. that vote probably not happening. but here is british prime minister david cameron from the prelim theirive debate this morning. >> what has happened to this country is disgraceful. and they should stop thinking
9:55 am
about mergers when they have to sort out the mess they created. >> reporter: both sides of the aisle came together that phone shacking police bribing scandal be thoroughly investigated. the wednesday debate in commons is always lively. but this one nearly got out of control. >> order! order! order! so you can see that that really was quite a debate this morning. the on advertises probably trying have much to clear their own names and to make some personal gains out of all of this. throughout this investigation and the scandal, the public has been asking if politicians have been too cozy with and blind by the media and its moguls over the years. that the latest from london. bill: to this breaking news out
9:56 am
of mumbai, india. a third he can motion being reported in the financial capital of that country. the town of mumbai formerly bombay. one -- explosions behind an opera house. the other behind a temple. mumbai was the site of a major terrorist attack. islamists killed 166 people and wounded 300. that was three years ago. today you are dealing with three explosions heard in mumbai. alisyn: in just days casey anthony will be a free woman. we'll tell you what she is planning to do right before leaving jail. >> there is a lot of gray area that goes from that june 15 when the body was discovered. and there is a lot of that -- it's just a lot of speculation.
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bill: want to update you now, what we are learning out of mumbai, india, the financial capital of the country, formerly bombay, three loud explosions heard in the central part of the town, the ap reports all three blasts took place in a crowded market, busy areas of the city and the population is in excess of 18 million, in the city and the surrounding area. three loud explosions now, heard in that town. we're waiting for more information, and more reports, as to casualties, as a result, who ultimately might be responsible. we'll take there live when we get that. in the meantime, her face has been plastered on everything, from newspapers to tv screens. now, new reports that casey anthony is looking for a disguise to hide from outraged members of the public, when she gets out of jail, this weekend.
10:01 am
sunday. brand new hour of "america's newsroom," welcome, i'm bill hemmer, a big welcome back to alisyn camerota. alisyn: thanks, so much. bill: and, waiting for her return. alisyn: great to be with you. bill: welcome. alisyn: i'm in for martha today, and according to sources close to anthony, she'll likely change her name in the future and has reportedly received death threats since the not guilty verdict. bill: phil keating is in miami. how great is this level of concern for her safety, come sunday. >> reporter: good morning, there is definitely a high degree of concern for casey anthony's safety, once she is released from prison. keep in mind, he hshe has been locked up three years and, for the past three years, everybody knows who she's and what she's accused of doing and, once released, accord to the "chicago sun times" she may actually be in a federal witness protection program and live under a
10:02 am
pseudonym, where nobody knows who she is, if she can pull that off, at the jail, she gets released sometime this sunday from the orange county jail, where she has been locked up for the most part, of the past three years, security was tight on verdes there, swat officers on the rooftops and you can expect the same on sunday, but the taxpayer funded safety for casey anthony, well, the sheriffs department says, basically, their job ends, as soon as she walk out the door. -- walks out the door. >> we are assessing the threats. obviously, a lot of people have strong sentiments about the outcome. you know, once again, you know, certainly nobody has a right to take the law into their own hands. either for us, casey had her day in court, you know, the prosecutors presented a case and the defense presented their case. and, the jury made a decision. they made -- reached a verdict.
10:03 am
>> reporter: this morning, with in the past hour we spoke with a member of casey anthony's defense team who told us this regarding the pseudonym and possible plastic surgery. quote, i don't know where they get that from, it is a crock, just b.s. and her biggest concern is get outing of jail safely and we'll keep her safe and give her options. ultimately, it is her decision, that is, where she goes and where she intends to live. always possible, they could release her before the sun comes up and that might avoid a bit of a... 12:01 a.m. or something. >> reporter: casey anthony got a visitor in jail, that was not expected. bill: who was that, bill. >> reporter: tim miller, founder of texas equusearch, and within the first several minutes, he served a subpoena for casey anthony, he's trying to get reimbursement through the civil route for the $112,000 texas equusearch spent back in the summer of 2008, searching for caylee anthony and, of course as we know, that was all just a lie, she was never kidnapped,
10:04 am
and never missing and was in fact dead. bill: thank you, phil keating in florida for us, again, thank you. alisyn: four days from now casey anthony will be a free woman and now, we're getting a glimpse of what happened inside of the deliberation room, the jury's foreman is speaking out about the verdict in an exclusive interview with fox news's greta van susteren and did not show his face but reveals the sus pistons of casey's father, george. let's listen. >> it was just, just one of those things, where we, because he was there, and there is a gray area there, he was in question for, you know, for us, just being, having character issues, when he was on that stand. and, he was there, he was there at the time, on that day, that all the gray area is happening with us. and, that puts him in that mix. put him in the mix for us. alisyn: a fascinating window
10:05 am
inside there, don't miss part two of the exclusive interview, tonight, "on the record" at 10:00 p.m. eastern, with greta. bill: five minutes past the hour now, sad story in new york. the search for a missing nine-year-old boy, out of brooklyn, coming to a tragic end. the body of leibby kletzky was found in two separate locations earlier today and some of his remains were discovered in a trash bin, wrapped in a plastic bag and others were found in a refrigerator inside the home of a person of interest. police have taken that man, into custody, who was at the home and, are questioning him. there were hundreds who fanned out throughout brooklyn the past week to look for the young boy. alisyn: heartbreaking. turning our attention to the debt, it is day 4, in the debt talks at the white house. president obama is set to meet with republicans, and democrats, and congressional leaders again, to try to reach a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling, and
10:06 am
avoid a government default. right now, budget talks are at a frustrating stand still, majority whip, kevin mccarthy saying the president is not doing enough to solve the debt crisis. >> this president will not lay out a plan. i mean, the congressional budget office said they cannot score a speech and the president has never laid out a plan to how to get out of the debt problem. he says he is for something and he says he is for entitlement reform but he can't tell you one specific thing that he has done and you cannot score and that is what is wrong with washington. alisyn: wendell goler is live at the white house for us. hi, wendell. >> reporter: alisyn, how are you today? alisyn: i'm well, some republicanare skeptical, of the president's plan, that the government might actually have to stop sending out social security checks on august 3rd, if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2nd. >> reporter: they consider it a scare tactic, alisyn, aimed at perhaps the most politically active group in the country, senior citizens and the white house denies that, press
10:07 am
secretary jay karcarney noting country never defaulted before and, if we did we'd face a sophie's choice of which bills to pay, chinese treasury holders or disabled veterans and house speaker boehner says it is that choice that gives us options. >> the treasury secretary will have options, in terms of who should be paid and who shouldn't. and, yes, there are debts that have to be rolled over, but, there will be money available on august 3rd, and i think it is way too early to be making some types of veiled threats like that. >> reporter: still for the u.s. to choose paying its own citizens over foreign creditors would make us a less attractive investment and would lower our bond rating and hike everybody's interest rates. alisyn: it is hard for us outside of the beltway to know how much of this is political chicken. can you tell us how nervous people are, there, in
10:08 am
washington, at the white house, on capitol hill about a possible default? >> reporter: i can tell you that several business groups, including the chamber of commerce and the business roundtable, sent the president and every member of congress a letter, warning that failing to raise the debt ceiling would strike an immediate blow to the economic recovery, just as failing to get control of the deficit would continue the uncertainty hampering the business climate and the letter read: "the debt ceiling trigger offers a needed catalyst for serious negotiations on budget discipline, but avoiding even a technical default is essential. this is a risk our country must not face." press secretary jay carney at the white house says republicans and democrats are simply going to have to compromise. >> i think that americans expect their leaders in washington to talk to them, not to talk -- not to take actions based on the demands of the most vocal
10:09 am
elements of their parties. okay? that is true of democrats and it is true of republicans, and, the fact is, no one will get everything he or she wants out of the process. no one will be wholly satisfied by the result. >> reporter: republicans, however, say the compromise, spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, alisyn? alisyn: we'll see if today is deal day, wendell goler, thank you. bill: we now have our first images out of india, the town of mumbai, southwestern corner of the country. heavily populated, three explosions happening at busy locations in the business capital city, mumbai, formerly bombay, one blast in a crowded neighborhood and the others, a famed jewelry market in the busy -- business district, known as the opera house area. no immediate details about casualties or injuries, from one
10:10 am
report. but, there is another report saying at least ten are dead as a result. this is the first time we have seen images from at least one of the three locations that have been bombed earlier today. we have been watching it now for 25 minutes, move on the wires. and, now we have our first look at what is happening in mumbai, now. it is... looks like night fall there, this time of year, and is probably plus nine or ten hours, ahead of new york time. alisyn: recommeminiscent of the tragedy at the taj mahal and the hotel massacre and mumbai is a target because it is a business center. bill: three years ago, in november of '08, the world watched in horror as these ten islamic terrorists set up inside of' taj mahal hotel, a famed hotel in that country, and, they carried out an attack, that lasted for hours. in the end, 166 dead, more than 300 wounded.
10:11 am
and they were tieded ed tto a terrorist group out of pakistan, no claim of responsibility, and no ties, right now but, ten dead reported, at the moment, and, three different explosions, in three different parts of mumbai, happening in the last 30 minutes. >> obviously terrorists know this is such a central and -- an epicenter for visiting business people, visiting tourists, and, so it is always a target and it looks as though, once again, today, something tragic has happened there. bill: we have a reporter on the phone here, in india now, can you hear me, sir, out of grn global radio news. >> caller: i can hear you fine. how are you? bill: what is happening in mumbai? >> caller: right now, we have reports of three bombs in three parts of the city in bombay and, it is rush hour in bombay, and the streets are crowded areas
10:12 am
and these took place in three crowded areas and we have reports of 3 to 10 people injured and in hospital and the police are already talking about the possibility of a terrorist attack and one of the explosive devices, we don't know what sort of explosive device was found in a taxi and another one in a lunch box. bill: have there been threats in that cities, late -- city, lat. have there been threats to the town or these areas, lately. >> caller: no, we have had no news of threats so far but, since the 26/11 terrorist attacks, which i heard you mention, has been on very high alert. the police force has been on alert to look out for such blasts, and so far the police aren't pointing the finger at anyone but what we hear right now, is a team of special commandos is on stand-by and
10:13 am
these guys are located in deli and they could be flown to bombay, but the minister said the team of forensic investigators -- they've been sent to bombay to help police deal with the separation. bill: appreciate th-- with the . bill: oftentimes in cases like these, the numbers change and, unfortunately, for the worst, three different parts of the town, hit with explosions, already, today. alisyn: and he was being circumspect in police are looking into whether it is terrorism but an explosive device found in a lunch box sounds suspicious. nearly $90 million in donations, so far and now a leading republican lawmaker questions whether president obama should be using the white house as a campaign back drop, judge andrew napolitano joins us on whether this is legal. bill: and a breaking news report, about security here at home. a house committee sifting
10:14 am
through tens of thousands of security breaches. at airports over the past decade and the tsa says the figure is not that dangerous. we'll talk to a former tsa official about why that would be, or not. back in a moment here.
10:15 am
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crave those crazy squares. [ slurp! ] alisyn: wait until you hear this. there is new alarm over 25,000 airport security breaches all since 9/11. and that figure coming from the homeland security department, an average of about 7 breaches per day. so, now those documents will be presented to lawmakers, during a house hearing this morning. one of the most recent security slips was a stun gun, found on a flight from boston to new jersey. tom blank was the deputy director of the tsa, transportation security administration, and mr. blank, thanks for being here.
10:18 am
let's start with that security slip. a stun gun on a plane? how does get through? >> i think this issue is, what is the risk that that presents? and i think what tsa charges, is to make a determination of how do we balance the risk of a catastrophic event against the convenience we expect in terms of access to our aviation system. i think they need to be called to account for a determination that a stun gun does not present a catastrophic risk to an aircraft in flight. if that is what they believe, that is an acceptable risk, they need to be called to account for that. and i think congress is doing exactly the right thing, in calling very tough oversight hearings, and asking them to defend their risk determinations we all face, day in and day out the. alisyn: it sounds like you are suggesting tsa agents knew a stun gun slipped through, whereas it seems as though most of the security breaches, 25,000 in the past ten years, they
10:19 am
weren't aware of things happening, around them? >> i think what -- where ts achl a is coming from and it is a legitimate question for congress to ask, we have screened 6.5 billion people and less than 1%, 25,000 breaches. is that or is that not acceptable? that is a legitimate question, and what are we willing to pay in terms of costs to drive that risk factor down? do we want to limit carry-on bags? that will eliminate or reduce the number of stun guns that get through or require airport employees to have biometric i.d. for access at other places than the checkpoint? that will be millions of dollars to airports, they will pass onto somebody. so, what are the costs? what they're conveniences we are willing to give up in order to drive these risks these documents reveal down? alisyn: right, because as you just alluded to, there were also 14,000 incidents of people being
10:20 am
in unauthorized areas, so that biometric identification would help, tom blank, thanks so much for coming in with your perspective. we'll see what the capitol hill hearings reveal. thank you. >> nice to be with you. bill: that is new information this morning, and, also, we're getting this right now, breaking news on the possibility of more stimulus. the fed chief saying he's ready for it, he's testifying in front of lawmakers, right now. and we'll get you key taidetail the break, what he has planned. alisyn: and rodney king, the man whose videotaped beating sparked the devastating l.a. riots, 19 years ago, had a new run in with the law. details on his new arrest. >> can we all get along? can we get along? please, we can get along here. we all can get along, i mean, we are all stuck here for a while. let's try and work it out. en rv
10:21 am
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bill: here's breaking news from the hill, now. on the economy. the chairman of the federal reserve telling lawmakers that more stimulus might be needed for the u.s. economy. and, he's ready to provide just that, if necessary. that is ben bernanke there. i want to bring in cheryl casone, who has been watching the hearing. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: stimulus of what kind? >> the wall street guys really like qe-2 and they think they'll get qe-3. bill: "qe" is quantitative easing, where the treasury prints money, basically. >> they go out and buy treasuries, buy more treasuries, and that is what they have been doing, with quantitative easing and and theed at the end of the month of june, and here's the quote from the ben bernanke and this is his prepared remarks, that he submitted, once it hit
10:25 am
the tape, downtown, the markets went crazy and he said there are a number of ways in which we could act. that is a direct quote from the testimony. that is what got everybody on wall street excited, because, the thinking is, is that they are going to put more into the economy, if needed and he's not saying they'll do that, but he says the door is opening, also, defends, bill, the other actions from the fed earlier this year and he's not at all saying they have done anything wrong. some say that he has, but he doesn't think -- >> what is the effect on the economy, if you print more money. >> the economic effect is mortgage rates will stay down and everybody will get good deals on their home rates an auto loans, student loans, all of those things will stay down, and you will not be looking or worried about inflation and your mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage will not go up on you and your auto loan will not go up on you and money will still be cheap for americans, that are looking to spend money, it could be on a credit card, it could be down at best buy, bill, whatever that is. bill: because the last qe-2, it
10:26 am
ended at the end of the month... end of june, a few weeks ago. now, has he referred to stimulus spending like we saw two years ago, infrastructure and providing money to the states or anything like that? >> no, he has not referred to that, but one thing he is talking about is the jobless rate, something that is a big story, 9.2% and he says the jobless rate, unemployment rate will decline only gradually, but inflation will subside and what does that mean? they'll stay put probably until next year and, is that good news for those folks looking for jobs, no, but he says it will get better and he uses the word, transito transitory. and he says basically all of the bad things that happened in the economy, the first six months of the year, bill, are temporary and that it will get better and the second half of the year and is still beating the dream. bill: we wish, we pray... >> wall street is hoping. we shall see. bill: on bended knee, cheryl.
10:27 am
if he says more, let us know. it could impact all of us, cheryl casone from fbn, what do you have. alisyn: the house oversight committee is launching an investigation into president obama'ses campaigning at the white house. did the president break the law? and, remember, you can take fox news with you, on the go, it is now easier than ever to keep fox with you, when you are not in front of a television, before heading out on vacation, you can simply go to to find out how to connect with us on your mobile device. bill: at the beach? alisyn: sure!
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bill: back to that breaking news in mumbai india, three large explosions taking place in that town, mumbai, within the past hour. now we see our first images. thinks new videotape again from the scene of at least one of those areas that was hit. there were reports of at least ten people dead now, and now an unconfirmed report that more bombs might be planted in different parts of mumbai. we have a reporter in india on the ground from grn, that is global radio news, what is happening? if you can hear me, it's bill hemmer, we are live on the fox news channel. what is happening now? >> reporter: bill right now it's around 50 minutes after the blast happened. there were three blasts occurred at three most crowded places in
10:32 am
mumbai, the opera house which is a diamond trading area, a lot of diamond trading. the last blast happened in a jewelry market, and another blast happened just outside a local station. so all three places were hugely crowded. so far the information about injuries are unconfirmed, but 15 people died in these three blasts, and almost 150 people got injured. bill: a busy time of day in a city that has about 15 million people throughout the city and the area around it. it's around 8:00 at night, about nine and a half hours ahead of us here in new york city. what can you add about these reports of possible more bombs being planted? is that true? >> reporter: yes, there are some
10:33 am
people who are just talking about there are a few more bombs around, there might be few bombs around. the province is on high alert right now. and the military has just said that the attacks are terrorist attacks. bill: any claim of responsibility tied to a specific group, nicks lik anythe that? >> reporter: not yet. no reports around. as the interior ministry has said because of the attacks organizes will be claiming them. bill: we appreciate seeing you on the ground there and giving us that first-hand report. the story is very early, not even an hour old right now. ten reported dead, you heard him upping that number to 15. oftentimes the number changes in stories like this.
10:34 am
the pictures come into us from mumbai and we will track it for you and find out whether there are more bombs in different parts of the city. stay tuned. alisyn: president obama already raking in a whooping $86 million for his re-election campaign and the democratic party. now the chairman of the house oversight committee is looking into whether the president broke the but to get some of that cash in a let tar to the white house darrell issa is questioning whether president obama is quote aggressively using the white house himself and federal employees within the executive office of the president to solicit donations, end coat. let's bring in fox news judicial analyst judge andrew nepal tan owe. he's also the host of freedom watch. hello, judge. let's start with the president using the backdrop of the white house for campaign adds. is thaads. is that illegal. >> reporter: it is not illegal.
10:35 am
the president and the vice president are expressly exempted. it goes back to the fdr years. fdr argued privately not publicly since he was confined to a wheelchair. it would be very difficult for him to get out of the white house to make phone calls. publicly he argued good politics is good government, he got his way when the law was enacted, it does not apply to the president and the vice president. so the president can use his oval office to call up a contributor and say would you send some money to my campaign fund. the issue arises is when the president uses other federal employees to assist him, and that is what congressman issa is looking at, because those employees are not exempted from the statute that prohibits partisan political activity. alisyn: okay. but it also looks like congressman issa is look into a meeting that happened in march in the white house between the president and some business leaders that was a ranged by the democratic national committee
10:36 am
and some say was sort of a cover for campaign contributions. is that illegal? >> reporter: that is a very touchy question. it would depend upon federal resources were used, and they probably were. these people walked on the driveway to the white house. the federal employees who guard the white house opened the doors, checked their security and let them in. so it would depend upon how technical congressman issa and his colleagues want to be. generally speaking if it is a ministerial act bike opening the door, checking credentials that would not be a violation of the hatch act, but if the people who opened the door and checked the credentials said, by the way, leave a check for the president's election campaign for me on the way out, of course that would be a violation. alisyn: good to know. here is what the house says in its defense . them say they are not doing anything differently than what their predecessors did. george w. bush, president bill
10:37 am
clinton both invited top fund-raisers to the white house as well. does the precedent explanation help answer some of congressman issa's questions. >> reporter: yes it does. because congressman issa is not a prosecutor with a grand jury looking to indict. he's an investigator, or the head of a committee that is investigating for the congress. so whoever testifies before him will remind him of recent history. look, he may have something here. there maybe people with names and faces unknown to us who may have assisted the president, or they may have done these ministerial things and congressman issa is entitled to find out who they are and what tke theud. as far as the president himself bringing people to the white house and asking them to vote for him and donate to his campaign, all his presented sewsers back to fdr did the same thing. alisyn: judge nepal tan owe thanks so much.
10:38 am
catch the judge every week night. freedom watch is on at 8:00pm eastern time. bill: it is moving day on board the international space station. astronauts from the shuttle atlantis helping to load up all the new supplies, a year of supplies in fact and take out the ole equipment for a return trip to earth. atlantis getting a special wake up a bit earlier today. listen here. ♪ rocket man ] >> good morning atlantis, this is elton john. we wish you much success on your mission and a huge thank you to all the men and women at nasa who worked on the shuttle for the last three decades. >> good morning, houston, elton john, music legend, wow, that is absolutely fantastic. bill: he wrote the song, right? alisyn: was that really elton john? it sounded like your impersonation of elton john.
10:39 am
bill: it was sir elton, i tell you. this was the last shuttle mission ever, when it lands all three become museum displays and then we rely on the russians for 15 million a pop in order to put a machine or woman in space for at least five years if not longer. alisyn: maybe it will come back. bill: it just got to the point where it was like automatic, man. that thing would just go up. alisyn: it was just lifting off that easily. it's too bad, it is the end now. meanwhile republicans say tax hikes are not the answer to our 14 trillion-dollar debt crisis and they are sticking to their guns . in moments we will ask democratic congressman javier becerra what he is willing to give up in order to raise the nation's borrowing limit. bill: an 8-year-old becoming a hero in the blink of an eye. how he saved his little sister's life. >> she lost her balance, and she
10:40 am
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alisyn: a traffic stop and beating by the police lead to the 1992 l.a. riots. rodney king has been arrested on a dui. he made headlines after a beating by white police officers. the officers were found not guilty of brie at the time sparking days of rioting across the city. they say they pulled him over after seeing him commit several traffic violations. bill: they are going back at it a bit later today at 4:00 eastern, another round of high level talks to get underway about what to do with the debt that is looming closer. here is kevin mccarthy earlier in our program here. >> why would you tax an in a economy where we are, small
10:44 am
business, 70% of all jobs are created through small business, 18,000 jobs were created last month. the president went out and got 550,000 new donors, more people lost their jobs than he was getting donors. that is unacceptable. we need to focus on job create. if you're going to raise taxes on those creating jobs you're not going to have it. bill: that was from the right. javier bee sara is the chair of the house democratic caucus. welcome back to the fox newsroom. have democrats taken taxes offer the table. >> reporter: i think the democrats were very clear from the very beginning everything should be on the table. you have to have a balanced approach. americans know when they sit at their kitchen table they can't say no we won't reduce the amount of money we spend on food and clothing, if you're children are going to go to college,ee have to pay that doctor as bill. it's been a balanced approach and let everything stay on the table.
10:45 am
why would you take tkoer corport loopholes when republicans are planning to cut social security and medicare. bill: you know those are pennies in the big picture and that's been well documented. the question that is more relevant than this. you know house republicans have said they don't have the votes to get tax hikes through, so that vote would not even pass in the house chamber. >> bill, what i've heard republicans say in the house are two different things. we've heard republicans from the majority leader eric canter say nothing can get through the house, to speaker boehner say that what he heard senator mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate say was a decent idea of giving the president some leverage to try to move us forward without defaulting on our bills. but it's unclear right now, republicans in the house are feuding. it looks like senator mcconnell republican leader in the senate had decided to break away from the house republicans. i think help has seen that this
10:46 am
game of chick thaepb house republicanchicken that they are- bill: speaker boehner said that idea is not going anywhere at the moment. newt gingrich has a novel idea that no one will receive their social security check. >> the house republicans ought to go in tomorrow or the next day, pass a 100 billion cut in spending and a $100 billion in the debt ceiling so they are exactly balanced. that thaeubgs us all the way through to september and they should call that the social security payment guarantee bill. and then they should say to the president, here we've taken care of august, all you have to do is get harry reid and the senate democrats to pass it, you sign it, we can guarantee every ever senior citizen their social security check. now mr. president are you prepared to stop senior citizens from getting their check? bill: what do you think about that idea?
10:47 am
novel, effective. >> reporter: we've sort of experienced it. it's a re-run movie. we saw this during the whole shut down of the government that we almost went through a little earlier where republicans president bush talking about doing piece deal budgeting. i don't think any small business in my community or anyone on main street would budget this way, nor do i think the largest khe in the world should budget this way one month at a time. bill: the idea is that it would buy him more time and neither side would be affected politically, be it republican or democrat. >> reporter: bill, listen to what you are saying. we would govern a month at a time. every month we would be back to the same crisis. how do americans, whether it's a family or businessman plan for this if every month there is a chance we may not pay our bills and we may not have a budget, it's crazy. bill: would you support a balanced budget amendment? you're going to get a chance to vote on that wednesday of next week. >> reporter: every year i have to try to support a balanced
10:48 am
budget. you don't need to legislate me, a law telling me to try to balance the bulg budget. great sound byte but it's all talk and no walk. bill: they are going to vote on it next week and republicans would come back and say, why haven't democrats even proposed a budget in 800-plus days? >> oh, the democrats have, the president proposed a budget back in january and february. we have a budget on the table that the president put there quite some time ago. bill: would you support that budget? i believe it was 97-0 against it in the senate. >> the president put a budget on the table. we can all discuss what budget ultimately gets signed by the president. but it's unfair to say that democrats haven't put a budget on the table. bill: javier becerra thank you for coming in. it's great to get your
10:49 am
perspective. we had the other half last hour. alisyn: let's check in with patti ann brown now. >> reporter: we'll have much more on those apparent terror attacks in india. more on the on going drama over the debt ceiling. and should parpbs of obese children lose custody of their kids? it's a growing controversy. also we want to hear from you and on the economy. send us your questions for steve moore. go to"happening now" and click on the america's asking tab. alisyn: we'll be watching. what if we told you that there are more fuel reserves here in the continental u.s. than the middle east, russia and venezuela combined. so why aren't we using them? we'll take a closer look at that controversial debate. from a lt or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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bill: back to breaking news if you're just joining us. 90 minutes ago three different large explosions in the town of mumbai, india. police are reporting eight dead, dozens injured. the fatality number had been higher. hopefully it stays lower at that number eight. no claim of responsibility. it's about 8, 8:30 in the evening in mumbai. very populated city, 14 million-plus. we are watching that story. around the opera house is one of the areas where one of the bombs was detonated. there was a report that there might be more bombs in the area set to go off, that is unconfirmed at this time. we'll keep you updated as best we can on mumbai breaking news. alisyn: back at home here fox news is examining energy in america. right now thril trillions are bl of oil are trapped in shail rock formations in the u.s. . oil companies are pouring millions of dollars into
10:54 am
research to get it out. but can they do that? john roberts is live in atlanta. explain how this works, john. >> reporter: as word is spreading that the production of oil around the world has already peaked, more attention is turning to this rock. inside it are the building blocks of crude oil, and the united states has more of it than any other nation in the world. in the eastern desert of utah there is a remarkable alchemy going on, crushed rock goes in one end. >> we heat it up between 800 and 950 degrees fahrenheit. >> reporter: out the other comes crude oil. >> we have engineered a production facility that does about 15,000 barrels a day. >> reporter: the rock is called oil shale. the u.s. geological estimates that in the basins of utah and colorado there are 2.8 billion barrels of oil in the block, more than in all the middle east, russia, and venezuela combined. the challenge is how to get it out without going broke or
10:55 am
ruining the environment. >> it's the oil equivalent of fool's gold. it's something that looks shiny and bright and seems very promising. when you look closely at it it's empty. >> reporter: a hundred years ago oil men tried to make it profitable and failed. exxon came close in the 1980s but pulled out when the price of oil fell putting 2,000 people on the unemployment line. there is so much potential oil here they keep trying. >> i think we have new technologies and there is a chance it will go this time. >> reporter: companies like shell and american shale oil have invested millions in complex research projects to extract the oil underground. the plan is to heat the shale a thousand feet deep to 7,000 degrees over months, even years and tap the oil that comes out with a conventional well. there is another problem. will take an enormous amount of electricity and water to do that and there is not much of either out here. for the moment environmental concerns are keeping any broad scale development of oil shale at bay.
10:56 am
bill: now there is a political battle brewing in washington over this. the bush administration had come out with a plan to develop oil shale but after it was sued by environmental groups the obama administration has put all of that on home. alisyn: thank you for explaining all of that to us. bill: some day they'll make a decision, some day soon let's hope. also an 8-year-old using quick thinking to save his sister's life. ly? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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bill: christopher matthews was helping his parents looking for his sister. he spotted her at the bottom of the swimming pool. he jumped in and pulled her out. his mother said had he waited a few more seconds it might have been too late. the little girl was blue. alisyn: oh, my gosh, every parents' worst,
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